All services $45/hr. per person

Day Minimum:

2 Staff/1 Day @ 8Hrs. Ea.
*+15% of labour for materials (material cost may vary depending on the services).

Cut polishing prices depend on age, length, and condition.

Rough estimates: What size is your boat?

We start with length. Depending on how long it is and the condition of your boat, it will take us either 2-5 staff members to detail it in either one to three days:

Boat LengthDays NeededStaff NeededTotal HoursEstimated Price
21'- 24'1 Day3 Staff21-24 Hrs.$900-$1030 *
25'1 Day4 Staff28-32 Hrs.$1200-$1400 *
30'1 Day5 Staff34-37 Hrs.$1500-$1700 *
35'1 Day5 Staff35-40 Hrs.$1500-$1750 *
40'1 Day5 Staff40-45 Hrs.$1720-$1950 *
45'2 Days3 Staff42-48 Hrs.$1800-$2050 *
50'2 Days4 Staff56-64 Hrs.$2400-$2750 *
55'2 Days5 Staff70-80 Hrs.$3000-$3450 *
60'3 Days5 Staff105-120 Hrs.$4500-$5150 *
65'Please contact us for prices

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Our rough estimates include:

Super Structure & Transom (from the rub rail up). Highly recommended for 1st time clients.

Exterior wash & dry
3 Step Process: Cut Polish/ 3M Finesse It/ Hand Wax
Exterior wash & dry
Scrub deck with deck wash
Polish & protect: Metal
Clean & treat: Vinyl
Rise canvas

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Monday-Friday: 8am to 4pm
Saturday-Sunday & Holidays: Closed
(Unless special case or scheduled ahead of time)

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