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You know how boat maintenance can be overwhelming and there’s not enough time in the week? The main problem is most our day is consumed with work, running a business, taking a pet to the vet, dropping the kids off at school, dinner, laundry and the list goes on.

We both know that you own a boat to create down time from your busy life style, to spend time with friends and family without interruption’s and that your boat is your home away from home!​

Imagine if the weekend comes, you step onto your clean, protected boat and all you need to think about is the sunrises and sunsets you’ll experience, your adventures each day, the wildlife you’ll see and the simply life you’ll have for the next few days.

Well we are the only professional detailing solution you’ll need. We specialize in:

3 detailing maintenance packages:
Full Spring Detail
Weekly/ Bi Weekly Washes & Interior Clean
Full Fall Detail

We understand that cleaning a boat is hard work–we do it every day! But detailing is more than just “swabbing the decks,” it’s protecting your asset. Since 2000, DAMES Marine Services Inc. has been proudly serving Vancouver and the surrounding areas. We are fully licensed, insured and mobile.

What we would like is to work with is boat owners that see the value in what we offer. Open communication is key to gain a better understanding of your requirements and expectations, and over time, you’ll have a detailing company that you can count on who knows your boat inside and out, as well as your expectations.

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